No on Measure 90 - Protect Choices for Every Voter

Measure 90 Limits Voter Choice in November, Backed by Corporate Special Interests

Measure 90 dramatically changes our elections, replacing our current elections with a “Top Two” system that limits voters to just two candidates to vote for in the general election.

Corporations and millionaire CEOs drafted and funded Measure 90 to make it easier for them to elect politicians who will side with their narrow corporate agenda, at the expense of working Oregonians.

Measure 90 virtually guarantees that minor parties and independent candidates will not appear on the November ballot. In “Top-Two” states California and Washington, 25% of November races are now between candidates from just one major political party.

Voters deserve real choice in November. It’s important that we are able to vote for a candidate who will represent our values.

The Protect Our Vote Coalition is a growing coalition of nonprofits, elected officials, community leaders, political parties, small businesses, and individuals who are fighting to protect the voices of all Oregon voters—not just the privileged few. 

Join the coalition and vote NO on Measure 90!