Everything You Need To Know About Bail Bonds

Most people don´t know that when they got arrested, they can’t pay their bail and also they would need someone else to take care of it.  For these cases, you should be aware of the most common method called Bail bond. This process is used to put on freedom a defendant accused of criminal charges.

There are many cases when the defendant can´t afford the accorded quantity of money, so they have to seek help from a bail bond agent.

 Cases where you should seek for a professional bail bond agent:

  1. Possession of marijuana: In some states of the United States, the medicinal use of marijuana is legal, inclusive, but in most of the states, possession of marijuana is forbidden. In Texas, depending on the quantity of marijuana you were carrying, the bail amount to pay goes from 2,000 (2 ounces or less) to 50,000 (more than 2000 pounds).
  2. Driving drunk: After being arrested, the police will proceed to take the criminal suspect´s information. Once the suspect finishes doing this, he or she must return to the court to do all scheduled criminal proceedings. If the defendant is allowed to pay his bail at the police station after the booking, the judge will determine what to do next with the suspect. A pre-established bail schedule will decide the amount of the suspect´s bail and in some other cases an amount imparted by the judge, taking into consideration the suspect´s criminal record.
  3. Driving without a license or using a suspended one: Driving without a license could lead to revoking your car. The penalties for driving without a license goes from 90 days in prison and 150 dollars fee (on your first offense) to one year in jail and a 600 dollars fee (On subsequent offenses). Driving without a license can be very dangerous, mostly when something serious could happen to you.

The suspect needs to strictly perform a document that promises to pay the measured quantity of money, and the court determines this sum according to the gravity of the alleged crime. The defendant can be somebody of the accused’s family and friends, but it is recommendable to hire a professional bail bond agent. You should go to this website for contacting and know more about how to hire a licensed bail bond agent. There are two types of bonds, secured and unsecured. A secure bond is when you pay money or bail property to secure your release. You need to sign a document that says you will pay an amount of money if the defendant breaks his bond conditions.

 How to contact professional help in these cases.

For a fee of the 10 or 20 percent of the sum, will take care of the bail bond and proceed to execute the documents to get the defendant’s freedom. There are several companies that can provide you a professional bail bond agent, but if you are looking for the most qualified and convenient bail bond assessing in Buena Park, you should enter and check out http://angelsbailbonds.com/buena-park/, a local bail bond company.

You can also watch this Video to help you to understand more about bail bonding situations.

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