Six Signs Of a Water Leak In Your Bathroom

Usually, bathroom leaks can go unnoticed for a specified period, these not only lead to severe water damage at home or your apartment but also present another type of issues such as mold or mildew. These risks make it necessary to fix any leak quickly, but do not worry has 26 years of restoration experience and is the best option for water damage repairs and plumbing assessment.

You should determine whether you need to contact a licensed plumber before making things worse:

  1. Mold or mildew: mold or mildew can spring up if you have a hidden water leak, it won´t matter how often or how well you clean up your bathroom. Mold thrives in moist and dark areas, a leaking pipe hiding behind the walls or under the floor will provide the perfect target for mold or mildew to star spreading apart. A liking pipe entails plenty of moisture, so the longer it takes you to notice and fix it the easier and faster the mildew will grow.
  2. Damaged wallpaper or paint: in most cases, the steam of hot water should not cause paint or wallpaper to come loose. When moisture and water get between the paint and wall, they eliminate the bond and start separating them both causing the paint from the wall to fall off in pieces. It is the same for wallpapers, its adhesive starts getting less sticky making the paper to come loose.
  3. Damaged walls: A wall that is stained for no reason, it is a clear sign of a water leak in your bathroom. When a drywall exposes to moisture, it becomes soft and begins to bubble, breaking into pieces.  If the leak gets to the ceiling, it will become saggy, and there will be possible leaks from the water that has been accumulated already.
  4. Damaged flooring: A bathroom floor rarely suffers water damage unless there is a leak coming out of a broken water pipe. The water could come from a tube directly underneath the floor or also could travel there from another area. Tiles might lose its adhesion and become loose allowing moisture to get underneath them.
  5. Stains on the ceiling: If you have a bathroom on the second floor you may spot a stain under the bathroom. If you don´t fix this type of leak on time, it could cause the ceiling to get mold and become saggy.
  6. The smell from accumulated water: Accumulated water from a leaky pipe tends to smell weird. If you notice an earthy or musty smell after thoroughly cleaning your bathroom, there is a big chance you have a hidden leak.

Experiencing these type of leaks might seem easy to solve, but if it is not noticed in time, there will be a major chance of suffering massive water damage consequences and replacement of plumbing fixtures. This video will show you in a short version how does a bathroom leak look like, and it can also help you to compare any leak signs you are struggling with at the moment.

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