Apple has sold 5 million iPhone 5 of units in the first three days after the release. We have to consider that these buyers never, held, saw or played with an iPhone 5 in person and it could seem like a big leap of faith. Some of the most common issues of this phone are apple maps, overheating and excessive battery drain, can’t connect to wifi, purple glare on photos among others. If you want to take your phone with a qualified technician to repair it, is one of the best and reliable options for you to repair your phone.

Here are five of the most common issues of an iPhone 5

Apple maps

With iOS and the iPhone 5, Apple stripped out the google maps apps as the default and replaced it with its own maps app. The data is inaccurate for several places, the app is buggy and many core features of Google maps that people have come to rely on doesn’t exist apple’s maps app.

Overheating and battery drain

Many people have reported that their phone is overheating. This problem is usually related to the battery and goes hand-in-hand with faster battery drain. On the other hand, there are a couple of things worth trying to identify and repair the issue.

 Possible solutions

  • Pres the hold and the sleep/wake button and the home button to reboot your iPhone and then pay attention to what you are doing when it next overheat.
  • Backup and restore your iPhone and then be choosy about the things you reinstalled in your phone again.

 The microphone is not working

Many people have run into several issues with the microphone not picking up their voice clearly.

Possible solutions

  • just be sure that you have removed the protective film on the screen.
  • If the problem is with a specific app, then make sure it has permission to use the marketing in settings/ privacy/ microphone
  • It is possible that your case is interfering with the noise cancellation feature

iMesagge not working

Apple messaging future has long been a source of frustration. With complaints mostly concentrated on its inability to recognize Non-Apple services

 Possible solution last

  • but not least, you can restart your phone and hope for the best.

Touch ID not working

The problem here is that the iPhonefice wouldn’t accept the user’s fingerprints to authenticate.

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure you have it by going to settings-general-software update on your iPhone five.

One thing is for sure, Apple devices can be amazing at some point, but time later they stop functioning as they used to be. If you have already tried all of these potential solutions to repair your iPhone, but it still didn’t work, I recommend you to take your iPhone with a specialized technician, he or she would tell all of the things they are going to do the research. This video explains more common issues about an iPhone 5, and also will help you understand how to fix and repair your phone in case those tips actually worked.

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